Reviewing System

I figured I would add in this extra page on my blog just to quickly go over my reviewing system and why I give books the star rating that I do. Everyone rates books differently and everyone interprets star ratings differently. Someone might think that I didn't necessarily enjoy a book I gave three stars to because their view of three stars may differ from mine, so just to clear up how I rate books, here are what star ratings mean to me:

★★★★★ - 5 stars means I absolutely loved the book to its core and couldn't find fault with it at all. I usually give 5 star ratings to the books that I think I'll remember for a long time and this special rating is reserved for the books that really, truely stood out in one way or another.

★★★★ - 4 stars means that I really enjoyed the book and would highly recommend. The only reason I don't give five stars is usually due to something technical; a book that could have been shorter or longer or one too many characters etc.

★★★ - 3 stars means I enjoyed the book and whilst it wasn't absolutely amazing, it definitely wasn't terrible. I typically give three stars to books I enjoyed reading at the time but would probably forget character names in 6 months time.

★★ - 2 stars I usually reserve for books that I didn't enjoy. The reasons is usually something to do with plot lines not being strong enough or characters I didn't click with, or again, it could be something technical.

★ - 1 star ratings are for the books that I really, really didn't enjoy. I'll be honest in saying that it takes a lot for me to rate a book one star and it's usually reserved for the books that I maybe considered DNFing whilst reading.

I hope this clears things up in terms of how I rate books. Like I mentioned above, I don't consider three star books to be bad books at all, but others might not interpret it that way - happy reviewing!

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