May Gratitude List

Saturday, 30 May 2020

I feel like as the weeks go on during lockdown, I'm finding it harder and harder to write these posts without sounding like a broken record. I'll be halfway through the month and realise that I actually have nothing to add to my monthly gratitude lists and have to really think about what I've been up to and what I've been enjoying. I genuinely don't want to add things to these posts for the sake of bulking these posts out, but sometimes, it seems like there's genuinely nothing to add. Thankfully, having said all that, I do have some things I have been grateful for this month, no matter how small and insubstantial they might seem!

Finally getting somewhere with the garden. I mentioned April's gratitude list post that myself and my husband (okay 99% of it was the husband's hard work and effort) had started work on the garden. Since that post, we have completely dug up the old turf and put fresh topsoil and turf down. The garden looks a million times better just for having fresh turf and I couldn't be happier with it. We have also installed a 3ft picket fence, complete with matching gate, to separate the patio from the grass, mainly to limit how much the dogs go on it to stop them from digging it up which was mostly to blame as to why the turf needed re-doing in the first place (it's a good job they're cute!) The only thing we really have left to do is put some decking down and buy an outdoor corner sofa and the majority of the work will be done!

Getting ahead with blog posts.
I'm the type of blogger who is so unorganised that there can (and has been) times when I've not published any new posts for weeks because I don't have any blog posts wrote up. I review books as and when I finish reading them and if a new post pops in my head, then I'll write it up and publish it there and then, but I really don't have any 'back up' posts should I fall into a reading slump or I just can't think of anything to write. It seems like my brain has gone into overdrive lately though and I've got ahead with blog posts, so I'm good to go for the next few weeks!

Being on a reading kick! Being on a reading kick is rare for me. I'm either too tired or too busy, but lately I've been making time for reading and now I seem to be on a roll! I seem to be getting through a book a week on average lately, which is good going for me (I work full time and am trying my hardest to keep my two year old alive/entertained/happy/healthy) so finding the time can be tricky and I'm definitely one of those people who complains too much about needing an extra hour or two in the day. However, lockdown mixed with just generally feeling happier has made me take advantage of those spare half an hours here and there and I've been gravitating more towards picking up a book rather than picking up my phone!

Getting my skincare on track (finally). I've always had an issue with my skin. When I was younger I suffered quite badly with eczema and for the past couple of months my skin has been so dry to the point it was cracking and bleeding and I just wasn't have a fun time with it. No lotion or potion or amount of water I was drinking was helping and I was becoming really self conscious about it. I eventually gave in and rang my doctor who sent out a swab kit for me and it came back that I had something called xerosis, which is basically just a fancy medical term for extremely dry skin. After some steroid tablets and a prescription face cream, my skin is now pretty much back to normal and I feel so much happier about it!

Winning at the little things in life! This is a bit of an odd one because there's no one specific thing I can narrow this down to. I simply mean that I've been getting lots of little odd jobs done here and there that I've been putting off for weeks, if not months. It's simply just little things such as touching up a bit of paintwork in the bedrooms, finally buying a rug for my daughter's room, mounting the TV on the wall, repainting the bathroom, rearranging my bookshelf etc. I've just got a lot of little "admin" types jobs done around the house and I feel so much more productive about getting them done!

Getting green thumbed again! Anyone who knows me knows that I love my houseplants, but during autumn & winter it's best that they're just left alone as that's when they're the most dormant. Now that we're fully into spring and summer is fast approaching, I've been repotting all my plants that have outgrown their pots from last year and I've also added a couple of new additions to my collection. I completely forgot how relaxing and calming caring for plants can be and I've really enjoyed getting my hands dirty and fingernails full of soil again!

What has everyone been enjoying this month?

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