Got You Back by Jane Fallon Book Review

Friday, 15 May 2020

Title: Got You Back
Author: Jane FallonPages: 407
Publication date: August 15th 2008
Publisher: Penguin

About the book
A husband. A wife. A mistress. And the ultimate plan for revenge . . .

The husband
James never intended to lead a double life - with a wife in London and a mistress in the country, it's exhausting. But that's all about to change . . .

The wife
Stephanie isn't really snooping when she finds a text message from a strange woman on her husband's mobile. But now she's found it, how can she ignore it? It's time to track the woman down and find out what's going on . . .

The mistress
Katie has no reason to believe her boyfriend, James, is cheating until someone claiming to be his wife gets in touch. Now she's been cast in the role of mistress. Not one she's happy with . . .

Once Stephanie and Katie know about each other, they must decide what to do. They could both just throw him out or they could join forces to make his life hell first...

But revenge isn't always sweet. And what happens when one woman thinks enough is enough but the other doesn't know when to stop?

I was really looking forward to sitting down with a light-hearted book after the last book I read practically broke me, and I figured that since I enjoyed Jane Fallon's previous book, Getting Rid of Matthew, now would be a great time to pick up another one of her novels. I wanted something that was quick, fun and entertaining that I could breeze through easily and not think too much about. Unfortunately, I did not get this from this book.

To be honest, this book doesn't have a lot going for it. It didn't make me laugh and there was a distinct lack of the one-liners that made me laugh in Getting Rid of Matthew. The story simply wasn't strong enough and the characters were all a bit (okay, a lot) lacklustre. I found Stephanie to be quite cold and lacking in personality, Katie was childish and irritating which only got worse and the book progressed, and James was, well, awful from the off. I feel like the author's intent was to get the reader to feel sorry for James as the book went on, but I didn't like him one bit and couldn't sympathise with him in the slightest. In fact, the only character who seemed to have any sort of personality was Natasha - Stephanie's best friend and work colleague - but given that she is a secondary character, there wasn't enough of her in the book to make me bump this up a star rating.

Throughout the book, I was hoping for a big, juicy twist at the end and... nothing really happened, and whilst I appreciate that the author did well to avoid an over-the-top sickly ending, it all fell a bit flat.

I was looking for something light and fluffy, and whilst I didn't hate the book, I didn't like it as much as the first one and I don't think I would recommend it either. The writing was good and I have to give that to Fallon, she is a good writer, but in this case, she's a good writer telling a crap story.

Verdict: ★★

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