April Gratitude List

Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Well, that thing that should not be named it still pretty much at the forefront of everyone's lives and I think just about everyone is well and truely fed up with it now - especially as we have had some lovely weather lately! But I'm still trying my best to focus on this positives despite having a bit (alright, a lot) of a rocky month. I've put together a list of all that was well and jolly throughout the month of April in order to get myself out of the pity party that I seem to be in!

Actually saving some money. I'm notoriously bad at saving money and I've never really hidden the fact that putting some money to one side every month isn't one of my strong points. Lockdown, however, seems to have changed that and this month I've saved almost double the amount I usually do in a single month! One thing this lockdown has taught me, is that I waste too much money on things that aren't important, like spending £5 on my dinner break everyday for meals I don't remember. The only money I've really spent this month is for food shopping and that's pretty much it (plus one other little exciting project which we'll come onto in a minute!).

I have been baking more. I used to love baking, but I fell into the trap of 'I don't have time' when I was working in the office. That's now changed though and I've been baking peanut butter cookies (my favourite) and Nutella shortbread. Now, don't get me wrong, you won't be seeing me sign up to GBBO anytime soon, but I've really enjoyed baking quick and simple recipes to keep me occupied for half an hour or so!

Spending more time outdoors. I've been making use of the one form of exercise we're allowed to have a day and have been exploring the local area. I think when you live close by to something pretty, you tend to take it for granted as it's an everyday occurrence that you don't take much notice of. I live right by a river and a barrage with a water course that you can walk around (it's where my husband proposed to me, too!) I've been walking the dogs up there and we've had a few family walks up there and my daughter loves it; she's only two years old and is fascinated by water and so she's in her element whenever we go there! Although we live right next to it, we've never really explored it and we've discovered some secret hidden ponds that the ducks like to swim in and we've even spotted a couple of seals at the barrage!

Discovering Disney+. It's just bloody great, isn't it? I've absolutely loved discovering all my favourite childhood films such as High School Musical and The Parent Trap. There's just a tonne of amazing films on there that I wouldn't have thought to watch but I've loved sitting down on an evening and rewatching films I haven't seen in years!

Starting our garden makeover. Me and the husband have talked for a little while now about completely redoing our garden. We bought the house almost 2 years ago as a new build and we got a deal where the builders put down turf for us (anyone who has bought a new build will know that you usually don't get turf included). However, the turf was really cheap and just looks a bit tatty and we haven't really done anything with the garden except put some table and chairs up and put a few garden plants here and there. We've started the process of completely digging up the turf and we're going to be putting down (good quality) turf over the next couple of weeks. We're also putting a fence up to separate the patio from the grass and are installing decking too so that we have somewhere to put outdoor furniture. It's a massive project and we're doing it all ourselves which is a little bit daunting, and whilst my garden currently looks like a building site, I know the end result will be completely worth it!

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