January Gratitude List

Saturday, 1 February 2020

January isn’t considered a very happy month, is it? We’re all feeling the pinch on the pockets from Christmas, it’s cold and miserable outside, and payday seems to be approximately 97 days away. But in my 2020 Gratitude List post, I mentioned that I wanted to make monthly gratitude lists a thing, so here we are, kicking things off with the month of January in a whole new decade!

Getting back into the swing of things. I absolutely loved having Christmas and New Year off to spend with family and friends, but I’m so, so glad that I’m fully back into the swing of things at work. I like routine and I like consistency, and I love working Monday to Friday because it gives me just that. I’ve had an amazing January in terms of work and here’s hoping this continues for the rest of the year!

Travelling for work for the first time. A few days ago I had what I would call my first ‘big girl’ meeting at work in which I had to travel to London. We travelled down the day before the meeting and then came home the next day and it was such a great experience.

Treating myself. One of my 2020 mini goals was to reign in the spending and save a bit more money. Whilst I have made some sensible cut backs, I’ve also treated myself here and there to things that genuinely make me feel good. I’ve picked up a few books, which you can read in my January Book Haul post, I’ve had my nails done, which is also another monthly treat to myself and I picked myself up a couple of cosy jumpers because I love a good ASOS sale. Whilst I’m still managing to save money, treating yourself every now and again won’t hurt.

REALLY treating myself.
Okay, on top of all that was mentioned above, I really, really treated myself this month to a new camera. One of my closest friends always snaps gorgeous photos of my daughter, and I often thought to myself that I’d love to invest in a decent camera to capture those moments. So that’s exactly what I did, although, I might have spent more than double my allocated camera budget!

Setting up a separate Instagram for my blog. I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a separate Instagram for my blog for a few months now, but it was always one of those things I’d ‘get round to’. My blog is 80% about books and I don’t feel like my personal Instagram page is suited to my blog content, so I created a new one and I’m so happy with it. I seem to have accidentally taken on a very ‘grey’ theme, but I’m rolling with it! If you want to follow my blog Instagram, you can check it out here!

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