20 Mini Goals For 2020

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

You know what's the most daunting thing about New Years? The resolutions. Promising yourself major changes when you secretly know deep down that you won't stick to them is pretty pointless and only really results in self-disappointment. I read somewhere that over 80% of New Year resolutions fail, and I can shamefully say that I'm definitely part of that statistic.

So this year, I figured what better way to start the year, than with 20 mini goals that seem far more realistic to accomplish. Let's start!

1. Drink more water. I sip on water throughout the day, but 2020 is the year in which I will up my water intake even further!

2. Grow my hair longer. My hair is always at ***that*** awkward length where it's neither long nor short and it's been this way for literal years now. I always say I want to grow my hair longer, and this is is the year I will resist chopping 2 inches off every 3 months. My hair grows rather fast but having a hairdresser in the family means I'm prone to getting it chopped off more regularly than I should if I wan't to grow it out! I have recently just had a rather "big" chop and I've promised myself that I will now just let it grow!

3. Go to the beach more. I live about 20 minutes drive from three different seaside town, but I never really make the effort to go. Last year I started going more towards the end of summer because my daughter was finally old enough to grasp what the "beeesh" was and she loves it, so this year I'm definitely going to visit more often!

4. Save more money. I'm pretty sure this is a fairly common one amongst a lot of people, but I have my fair share of disposable money at the end of each month, yet I waste it on materialistic crap that I've forgotten I've even bought a couple of months down the line. This year I'm going to make a real effort to spend less on stuff I don't need, and put that money to one side at the end of each month.

5. Shop more independent. It's sooooo easy to log straight onto Amazon & buy whatever you need. There's the added bonus of Prime delivery and they often have great deals. However, I work in marketing where we work with a number of smaller, independent businesses and I see first hand how much of a difference shopping smaller can make. Someone suggested to me a while back that if I find something I want on Amazon, check if the seller has their own website and buy it from there - it saves the seller the Amazon fees!

6. Read at least two books a month. Again, books just help me switch off and take my mind away from busy working-mama life. It's either all or nothing with me in terms of my reading habits, I either read nothing for ages or then binge read 6 books in a month. I really want to start reading at least two books a month and have some kind of consistency in my reading schedule!

7. Take the stairs twice a week. My office is on the top floor of the building, and that's a hella lot of steps, but I'm going to attempt to take them twice a week. I usually get to the office quite early when not many other people are in, so hopefully I'll avoid anyone seeing me half collapsed in a ball of exhaustion when I get to the top!

8. Go to bed earlier. I'm naturally a night owl, and will often stay awake past midnight when I've got to be awake at 6am the next morning. In order to prevent me telling my colleagues "I'm soooo tired" approximately 39 times a day, I'm actually going to try to go to bed earlier and hopefully feel more energised when I wake up!

9. Watch less TV. I've gotten into the habit of putting the TV on "in the background" immediately when I get home. This year I'm going to make a conscious effort to keep it off a little longer and put some music on instead and maybe even have a little sing-song whilst cooking tea!

10. Play more board games. I LOVE a good board game, but I rarely play them. This year, I'm going to suggest to the husband that we have board games night maybe once a month, instead of watching TV!

11. Walk the dogs more. Because both myself and my husband work full-time, we employ a dog walker to walk both my dogs during the day, which not only gives my beloved pooches their essential daily exercise, but it also takes some of the pressure off us to walk them on an evening when we get in from work. This year though, I want to start taking them for a walk myself, even if it's just once a week after work. I love walking my dogs and the fresh air always helps clear my mind.

12. Keep up the blogging. I've made it no secret that I've had numerous blogs over the past 5 or so years. I've gone through numerous blog rebrands and started from scratch many times over. It feels different this time though, I feel like this time is "for real" and something I want to stick with!

13. Post about my blog in Instagram. Where I grew up, if you had a hobby that was out of the norm, you would be seen as a bit weird, so I always kept my blogs secret and never posted them on any of my social media. This year, I decided to take the plunge and post about my blog on Twitter, where IRL friends and family follow me. This year I want to tackle Instagram. I have a lot of offline friends on there and a lot more family and friends who I see daily or who I went to school/college/university with, which is a scary thought, but this year is the year I will post it on there!

14. Go tech-free one day every weekend. Weekends are the only days I get to fully spend time with my daughter and visit family and friends, yet, I can almost guarantee you that I will check Instagram and Twitter more times than I can count, and it's purely out of habit. This year, I want to switch off my phone and not check any of my social channels for a whole day, once a week!

15. Speak up more! I'm not an overly outspoken person, which I think has its advantages and disadvantages. I more so want to start telling people 'no'. I want to start putting myself forward for more things at work. I want to tell family and friends how I'm feeling. All of these sound super simple, but putting it into practise is another thing!

16. Visit more of the local area. Like I mentioned above, I live a 20 minute drive from multiple different seaside towns. But there's so much more to do around my local area that I really haven't ever explored. I follow a few Teesside based bloggers who often post about events they've been to, and honestly, they look incredible. So, this year, I will make more of an effort to visit places and events in my local area that perhaps I wouldn't have considered before!

17. Have a date night once a month. Myself and the husband are fairly strapped on time, but I think it's important to make time to just do something as a couple. Before parenthood came along, one of our favourite things to do was go to the cinema and grab some food beforehand; such a simple thing for a couple to do, but something that is easily pushed to one side when you're tired and have a toddler hanging off your leg constantly!

18. Visit more theme parks. If you read my 2019 Gratitude List post, you'll know that myself and a few friends from work visited Alton Towers twice last year, as well as Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and they were some of my most memorable days out! This year, I really want to visit more theme parks, Thorpe Park is top of my list!

19. Take better care of my skin. I'm not a beauty guru by any stretch of the imagination, but something I really want to focus on is taking better care of my skin! I'm a wash and moisturise kinda gal and that's pretty much as far as it goes. I'm quite lucky in the sense I don't get many spots, but my skin is extremely dry in winter and extremely oily in summer. I really want to try and combat this and maybe even make a weekly face mask a thing!

20. Be more charitable! I like to think that I do my fair bit for charity, but this year, where I work is doing something each month for a different charity, and I'm going to put myself forward for as many of them as I can. It isn't all necessarily money related either, a lot of it is helping out within the charities themselves and giving your time to help with whatever needs doing!

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