Three Houseplants You Probably Won't Kill

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

I've owned my fair share of houseplants over the years, and admittedly, some have survived longer than others. As I've built my collection of houseplants, which currently sits somewhere around the 60-ish mark, I've come to realise that some are by far more delicate than others. Something I hear rather regularly, is that people "can't keep them alive", and that was certainly the boat I was in a couple of years ago when I first started to build my collection. Since then, I've learned which plants to recommend people to buy that take minimal effort to keep alive.

These guys really are the hardiest of all house plants. They can survive months without water and do well in low light, which is great if you have an empty corner of a room that doesn't get much sunlight. And the best part? They some in SO MANY different varieties, and I can confidently say that there is most definitely something for everyone.

If you like a hanging plant, then you'll love the pothos. These are quick growers and just like the sanseveria, come in all different varieties. I have three different kinds in my own collection - the golden pothos, the satin pothos (pictured in the first photo), and the marble queen pothos. They are all easy to take care of - simply water every 7-10 days and you're pretty much good to go. They are ideal for low/medium light conditions too, and look great hanging off bookshelves or hanging baskets.

Aloe Vera
Simply a classic in any household. What particularly makes these great for people who don't have natural green thumbs, is that they are ideal for rooms with a cooler temperature and just like the sanseveria, they need minimal watering, but they do need slightly brighter lighting conditions to properly thrive which makes them the ideal candidate for a kitchen window.

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