Book Haul; Carole Matthews

Saturday, 17 August 2019

I've read a few Carole Matthews books previously, and I've enjoyed all the ones I have read from her; they're on the lower end of tacky on the chick-lit spectrum, which I prefer. There's a fine line between chick-lit and books that sound as if a newly in-love 14 year old girl has written. So when I was in the Lake District a couple of weeks ago, I popped into a little bookshop and noticed a whole section of Carole Matthews books on offer. The deal was £4 each or 4 books for £10 and low and behold, there were 8 books in total, so I nabbed all of them and I'm not in the slightest bit sorry about it.

One thing I love about Carole Matthews books is the illustrations on the covers. I'm a sucker for a good illustration and these are definitely up there my favourite.

The books I picked up were Happiness for Beginners, Let's Meet on Platform 8, Million Love Songs, A Minor Indiscretion, With or Without You, The Chocolate Lover's Wedding, For Better For Worse and Welcome to the Real World.

I believe that Let's Meet on Platform 8 is the first book she ever realised back in the 90's, so it's quite an old book and probably the first one I'm going to read out the ones I've picked up. The Chocolate Lover's Wedding is part of a series which I am hoping to either track the other 3 books down in a shop or order them online, and Happiness for Beginners is her most recent novel and was published earlier this year.

There are very few authors in the chick-lit genre that I actually buy books from, but Carole Matthews is definitely up there with the ones I do like, and I'm happy to have these books now in my collection!

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