A Very Ridiculous Book Haul

Friday, 23 August 2019

Well, this is a bit awkward, isn't it?

I have literally just done a book haul, but here I am, spending more money on overpriced books and writing another book haul post.

Sorry, bank account.

(But not really.)

There are a fair few books that I have been struggling to get ahold of lately that I have desperately been wanting to add to my collection. And I'm impatient. So there's that issue too.

The first lot of books I actually got for a really good price from The Works. It initially started because I watched After on Netflix and then found out that it was actually based from a book, which I had no idea even existed. One of my major pet peeves is watching a film/series before I've read the book, so naturally I immediately felt an inner urge to buy the book even though I thought the film was crap. I ended up picking this up along with One Perfect Christmas by Paige Toon as I've read (and reviewed!) the first book in this duo series. I also picked up The Longest Holiday by Paige Toon to add to my collection of Paige Toon books. Each of these books were £2 each which I thought was a bargain price.

I've since found out that After is the first book in a 5 book series and now I'm wondering where on earth I have been because apparently these books are quite popular (quite an obvious statement given that it was turned into a film).

Then I had a little wander over to Waterstones (which is always a dangerous idea but I was in a book buying mood okay) and ended up picking up far more books than I originally anticipated.

I've been after picking up the Caravel series by Stephanie Garber for a good couple of years now but the prices for these books online are ridiculous and I could never find the 3rd book in store anywhere. Until this day of course. I picked up Caravel, Legendary, and Finale and yes it bothers me that the first two books are paperbacks and the last is a hardback and no it did not bother me enough to not buy them.

On the same shopping trip, I also picked up a couple of books for my daughter for Christmas. I picked The Roald Dahl's Treasury and The Jolly Postman because HELLO CLASSICS. She is really getting into her books lately and I figured that these would be the perfect Christmas presents and I already cannot wait to read them to her before bedtime.

And then, because I really am fucking weak, I went back into Waterstones on my lunch break at work a few days later because I simply needed to pick up a couple of books that I have heard nothing but AMAZING things about and somehow managed to resist the first time around but could not stop thinking about them and carried with me a feeling of regret for the whole of 48 hours before I gave in. The books in question are Scythe by Neal Shusterman and the second book, Thunder Head. The 3rd book, The Toll, is due to be released next month I believe, and you betcha that I will be storming back into Waterstones on release day.

Now, I'm off to hunt for the rest of the After books...

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