Getting Garden Plant Ready

Monday, 22 July 2019

Garden plants have never been my thing. There's too many of them and I don't like to see them die in the winter. I've always wanted to love them, and this year I made an effort to actually put them in my garden and keep them alive. I've been buying a few here and there to spruce up the back garden and inject a bit of colour into it this summer.

My partner's dad (who is good with garden plants) built us a kinda-plant-bed-sort-of-thing and I've been adding more and more plants to it over the last few weeks with the ultimate goal being to fill it to the brim with plants and have my own little flower bed of interchangeable plants that I can swap out whenever I feel like doing so.

We started off with some sunflowers that my daughter grew herself from seeds (with the help from green-thumbed granddad, of course). They've recently started to flower and I'm very nervous to keep them alive as they took a bloomin' long to grow and my daughter loves getting her little flower-shaped watering can out and giving them some water everyday.

Then my partner came home with this flippin' great big hydrangea and I secretly love it. I mean, it's huge but also kind of a staple and fills up a good chunk of the flowerbed. And then because we loved it so much, my partner's dad (the very same green-thumbed granddad who helped grow the sunflowers) gave us a pink hydrangea, which is a nice contrast to the bluey/purple one we already had.

The one plant I was insistent on getting for the flowerbed, was a eucalyptus plant, and let me tell you, I searched high and low for one and could not find one anywhere. But then on a magical and somewhat impromptu visit to a garden centre in the middle of literal nowhere, we found them so naturally I of course bought one along with 3 outdoor succulents. I did the clever thing of remembering to keep the little tags that come with them so we have the following; a sedum oreganum tenue, an anthemis marschalliana and a sedum cauticola coca cola (yep really). I've got plenty of indoor succulents, but I've never owned any outdoor ones, so I'm completely bricking it on that front and if they are still alive in 6 months we'll call it an all round success.

And then we also have a random ivy which I got because I know they are easy to keep alive. And then just for decoration, we have these ridiculously cute dinosaur planters but the actual plant pot hole is tiny and I'm struggling to find plants small enough to fit in them, so for now, they're just stood there looking all cute and stuff.

There's still some space to fill in the flower bed but mo doubt we'll get there with it eventually!

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