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Sunday, 23 June 2019

I've always joked about how lucky my purse is that there isn't a houseplant shop close to where I live, and LO AND BEHOLD, a quirky, independent little shop dedicated solely to houseplants has recently opened up approximately 10 minutes away from where I live.

Goodbye, money.

I'd first heard about Wild on Facebook a couple of weeks before they opened. They shared pictures of the place getting done out and kept followers up-to-date on progression of the launch, and it's fair to say that I was beyond excited to see what they had to offer.

I popped into the shop on Friday 14th June (yesterday, as I am writing this) with a friend - six days after they opened, and got speaking to Jenny, who told us that the shop is joint-owned by herself, her sister and her Mum - a proper little family run business! She told us how it has always been their dream to do something like this, and finally they all said sod it and just went for it, and now here they are, with their own proper little shop that they all run together!

The shop is quite small (not unusual for Norton) but there were so many plants to choose from - some common houseplants but also some rarer ones on offer too! The space wasn't crowded though, there was enough choice to keep you interested but not enough that it was overwhelming and cluttered.

The first thing that struck me about the plants, was how affordable they were! I've always said that when it comes to plants, I don't mind paying that little bit more if it means a healthier plant in return, however, the plants all looked immaculate and they were so reasonably priced. A watermelon peperomia took my fancy that was being displayed in a hanging basket - I enquired how much the plant was without the pot as I couldn't seem to find a price for just the plant by itself, and I was told that it was £10 for both the pot and the plant together - A FLIPPIN' TENNER.

Aside from the vast array of beautiful plants they had to offer, they also had pots (of all shapes, colours and sizes), candles, cards, badges & trinket dishes available too.

Since my first trip there yesterday, I've already been back to the shop today and picked up a giant monstera deliciosa because I just couldn't resist it. It's beautiful. It's everything I want in a plant. This time, we were greeted by Jenny's sister (who for the life of me I CANNOT remember her name) and she was equally just as lovely and even gave me a free cheese plant pin as a thank you for supporting them (and for finally getting out of the shop after standing and deliberating over buying said cheese plant for about 45 minutes).

All in all, I couldn't reccommend this place enough, and I'll definitely be popping in again.

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