Plant Wishlist

Saturday, 18 May 2019

I'm forever looking at other people's plant hauls and collections and you can guarantee that every single time I will find a plant I want to add to my own ever growing (geddit) collection.

I've put together a little list of plants that I have my eye on...

Hoya carnosa compacta (Hindu rope)
I'm a bit of a sucker for a hanging plant and this hoya is no exception. It's technically a succulent so to speak, but I absolutely love the look of their draping vines that resemble thick ropes (hence its common name). The vines have an almost waxy look and feel to them and the flowers they produce look stunning.

Variegated monstera deliciosa
I have 4 regular monster delicoisa plants and it's fair to say that they are a firm favourite in my collection, and I so desperately want to add the variegated variety to my collection, but the prices of them are ridiculous so I've been holding off buying one. I've been so close to caving and buying one on many occasions, but so far have been beaten by the sensible part of my brain telling me not to!`

Monstera adansonii
Another monstera! They really do have the most unique foliage. I've wanted a monstera adansonii since I first saw a picture of them, but I have yet to find one in a store or nursery and I hate buying plants online. I love that these are trailing plants and I want to add one to my collection so badly!

Senecio radicans (string of bananas)
I mean, who doesn't want a plant with hundreds of mini banana looking foliage on it?! This is such a fun and unique looking hanging plant, but again, I've yet to actually find one in person.

Pilea pepermioides (Chinese money plant)
These plants have become so popular recently, and for good reason! Their round foliage is so distinct and they are quick growers that produce lots of little plant babies. I've not been able to find one in person and my local garden centre sells out of them within a couple of days of getting them back in stock!

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