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Sunday, 7 April 2019

There's been a little bit (okay, a lot) of drama in the blogging community as of late, and whilst I haven't actually done any kind of blogging whatsoever for about a year now, I keep up with the ongoings on Twitter, and let me tell you, things have kicked off big time lately - so much so, that everyone is in the midst of changing their blog themes and having a general refresh of their blogs, and it got me thinking... I bloody miss blogging.

The last time I published a blog post, was around February of last year; I was on maternity leave and had a 3 month old baby who slept A LOT, so I had a fair bit of spare time on my hands to keep up with typing up posts and taking photos. Then, as it so happens, one of my tweets went viral and off the back of that, a few trolls (to call them politely) found my Instagram through my blog link that was in my Twitter profile, and starting sending me some rather questionable DM's; some of them were so cringy they were funny, and some of them just down right weird. But then one of them left a comment on a photo of my 3 month old daughter, and I decided it was enough. I set my Instagram profile to private, deleted the tweet, and took my blog offline. And that was pretty much it. I went a bit quiet on social media and kinda just forgot about the blog.

But seeing everyone on Twitter talk about refreshing their blogs and buying new themes has kinda reminded me how much I missed it, so here I am giving it another go. I've blogged on and off for the past 5ish years now; what started as part of a university assignment, soon turned into a hobby and I developed a love for writing that I never really knew I had. Throughout the last 5 years, I kept my blog on the quiet side in terms of real life family and friends and I'm not really too sure why. I guess it's to do with the fact that if you do anything even remotely outside of the norm where I live, you're seen as a bit weird, like as-if-she-has-a-blog kinda weird, does that make sense? I tweeted the other day about how I wanted to start this blog up again, not fully remembering that people I know and work with follow me on Twitter (when does baby brain go away???) and I actually had such an encouraging response from people who told me to just go for it. So you know what I did? I bought a new blog theme, bought a new domain, had a meltdown about how to go about setting said new domain and theme up, and I'm completely starting from scratch again.

I've completely rebranded my blog. Our Little Plant House seemed like a fitting name, because, well, if you saw my house you would just know. Some people might find it super cringy, some people might not "get it", but it doesn't matter. I'm not even too sure what I'm going to be blogging about (lol probably my dogs, my kid and my 60 odd plants), I just know that blogging makes me happy and if anyone doesn't quite get it, that's okay, they don't need to.

Right, I'm off to go and PUBLICLY publish a link to this blog on Twitter. Wish me luck!

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